Creating Great Graphic Design to a Budget

Scott Witham
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Creating Great Graphic Design to a Budget is both a cost-cutting primer and ideas sourcebook for creating top-of-the-line designs on razor-thin budgets. Design and marketing budgets are getting slashed across the board in every industry around the globe. At the same time customers are spending less, so both businesses and their marketing tools must work harder than ever. This leaves designers in the difficult position of trying to create eye-catching and memorable campaigns on budgets that are a fraction of what they once were. Great designs don’t need foil finishes and die-cuts to be effective and memorable, but in today’s high-gloss world designers must find innovative ways of connecting with their audience and standing out. Packed with countless ways for designers to cut costs from their jobs, this invaluable primer/sourcebook provides resources for free fonts and art, discusses ways to maximize a print run, profiles unique and inspiring ways of using recycled materials, discusses ways of both maximizing art and using dynamic alternatives to art, and offers tips and techniques for printing jobs in the studio. Throughout the book full-color images of high-concept and beautifully executed designs both inspire readers and clearly illustrate that cutting costs does not mean the work must suffer as a result. In fact, what designers often find is that stronger concepts and more unique designs are achieved when they don’t rely on production “bells and whistles” for impact. Less really is more!


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