Joseph Binder Award 2020


Joseph Binder was one of the founders of designaustria.
The Joseph Binder Award was launched in 1996 to honour his legacy. This international showcase for graphic design and illustration is organised every other year in the form of a competition.

Joseph Binder (1898–1972)
The Austrian designer Joseph Binder had a crucial impact on commercial art in Europe and the United States. His motto was: »Everything in design has a function. 
Design has a visual function. Design has a communicational function. Design has a motivational function.«
Joseph Binder found answers to questions regarding the contemporary spirit and its philosophy, the sources of inspiration, and the role to be played by the modern designer in the reduced and impressive visual language of his graphic design.
Today, in a new millennium, Joseph Binder’s principles have lost nothing of their relevance.
Commercial art seems to ramify into countless special disciplines, and yet the rapid expansion of possibilities provokes once again an interdisciplinary approach to design. Joseph Binder, too, was simultaneously an all-rounder and a specialist.

Knowledge centre and interest organisation.
Design in Austria has a voice: designaustria, Europe’s third oldest design organisation, bundles the interests of its members, representing them on national and international levels. In order to promote the quality of Austrian design, designaustria lends a powerful voice not only to the country’s designers, but also to the discipline as such. 

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Early Bird
29 February 2020

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Entry Deadline
17 April 2020

Online jury
May 2020

Offline jury
July 2020

Award Ceremony
12 November 2020

Joseph Binder Symposium
13 November 2020, 2 pm – 7 pm

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