Archivio Storico del Progetto Grafico / Collezione Edward Gorey

Si tratta di una collezione sull’opera grafico editoriale di Gorey, il famoso disegnatore americano, con particolare riferimento alla serie di libri tascabili (anni sessanta).

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John Henry - Cardinal Newman,with a Foreword by Gustave...

An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine

Image Book, 1960-08-01

Abbot Justin McCann, O.S.B.,New Revisited for Image Books...

Saint Benedict

The story of man and his work
Image Book, US, 1958-08-01

James Brodrick S. J.

Saint Francis Xavier

Image Book, US, 1957-02-01

William Foxwell Albright

From the stone age to christianity

Monotheism and the historical process - Second Edition with a new introduction by author
A Doubleday Anchor Book, US, 1957

Paul Horgan

Hunble powers

Threee novelettes
Image books, US, 1955-12-01

Bruce Marshall

Father Malachy’s Miracle

A heavenly story with an earthly meaning
Image Book, US, 1955-08-01

Henry Adams

Mont-Saint-Michel & chartres

A Doubleday Anchor Book, US, 1959

The exploding metropolis

The editors of Fortune - A study of the assalt on urbanism and how our cities can resist it
A Doubleday Anchor Book, US, 1958

Vincent Cronin

The wise man from the west

The true story of the man who first brought christianity to fabled Cathay
Image Book, US, 1957

A meditative study by Dom...

The Christ of Catholicism

Image books, US, 1957

Brother Petroc’s Return

A novel by S.M.C.
Image Book, US, 1955-09-01

G. K. Chesterton

the everlasting man

Image book, US, 1955

Erving Goffman

The presentation of self in everyday life

A Doubleday Anchor Book, US, 1959

Raphael Brown

The little flowers of St. Francis

An entirely new version, with 20 additional chapters, of the Christian classic of the ages.
Image Book, US, 1958

Bruce Marshall

The world the flesh and Father Smith

Image Book, US, 1957

The dumb box by G. K. Chesterton,with an Appreciation by Anton...

Saint Thomas Aquinas

Image Book, US, 1956

Hellen C. White

A watch in the night

Image Book, US, 1955-08-01

Fulton J. Sheen

The World’s First Love

A moving and eloquent portrayal of Mary, Mother of God.
Image Book, US, 1954-02-01

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