Artograph 4

Massimo Vignelli

Artograph 4 — Massimo Vignelli, (1931-2014).

Each issue of Artograph is a monograph on a major contemporary figure in the field of graphics: a designer, typographer, illustrator or photographer. The aim is to present the artist to the reader as completely as possible, through factual and biographical data, through examles on his/her art, and especially through the artist’s own words, given in a lenghty personal interview with Artograph students.
Artograph is publiched in connection whit the Graphics Program in the Art Department of Baruch College, a program designed to prepare students for careers in advertising, publishing, corporations and studios in New York City.

Editor / Art Director: Virginia Smith

Associate Editor: Roslyn Bernstein

Managing Editor: Wendy Ng-Yow

Production Manager: Andrea Coleman

Assistant Art Director: Leslie Szendy

Graphics: Martin Brown, Andrea Coleman, Regina Dahir, Celeste Fahie, Idalia Leonardo, Wendy Ng-Yow.

Journalism: Deirdre Colby, R.S. Friedman.

Photography: Karen Alexander, Martin Brown, Marlis Muller, Leonard Sussman, Leslie Szendy.

Secretary: Yvonne Bailey

Printed by Red Ink Production

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