NOVUM Gebrauchsgraphik 10/1978

International Journal for Visual Communication Design

Copertina di Claude Baillargeon.

Edito da Erhardt D.Stiebner.


pag.2- Zdenèk Kirschner - «Novum«

pag.5- John Halas - HDA International, Housestyle for Beiersdorf AG

pag.18- Alexandre Alexandre - Claude Baillargeon, Vibrating Structures

pag.24- Don Kubly - Novum education, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena

pag.32- Hans Baumeister - Warszawa, The 8th International Poster Biennale

pag.39- Wolfgang Zeitvogel - Atelier Noth + Hauer, Varying Typography in Poster Series

pag.45- Manfred Grupp - Ursula Weckherlin, Graphic Design for an Industrial Firm

pag.51- Charles Rohonyi - Yvon Adam, Not only Bank Notes

pag.61- Spanish text

pag.80- Adresses

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