NOVUM Gebrauchsgraphik 11/1976

International Journal for Visual Communication Design

Copertina di Niklaus Troxler.

Edito da Erhardt D.Stiebner.


pag.11 - Ingrid Wiegand - ’Bicentennial Banners’

pag.19 Philip B.Meggs -  Novum education, Virginia Commonwealth University

pag.27 Constance von Collande - Cosmetics: The product made visible

pag.32 Reinhart Wolf - Rolleiflex Slx, instructions for use as means of advertising

pag.41 Christof Michaels - Finn Sködt, danish script

pag.46 Perez Sanchez - Museu Picasso, Barcellona, visual identification for a museum

pag.53 Jochen Gehrmann - ’Jazz Meets Switzerland’, new posters by Niklaus Troxler

pag.60 John Halas -  Film & Tv Graphics: Japan

pag.65 Spanish text

pag.87 Addresses

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