NOVUM Gebrauchsgraphik 10/1977

International Journal for Visual Communication Design

Copertina di Gervasio Gallardo.

Edito da Erhardt D.Stiebner.


pag.2- Felipe Covarrubias - Gerd Leufert, Universal and yet uncompromising

pag.12- John Halas - Tv Globo, Two-Man-Team in Brazil

pag.24- Alexandre Alexandre - Gervasio Gallardo, A Cheerful,imaginative poet

pag.33- Karl Reub - Novum Pharma: Atelier Blaumeiser, Between Science and Imagination

pag.39- Hans Baumeister - Zirkus Roncalli, We were enchanted

pag.50- Christoph Michaels - Eduard Prüssen, Classic Technique

pag.61- Spanish traslation

pag.65- Prices and Ordering card

pag.80- Vacancies and applications for employment

pag.82- Adresses

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