NOVUM Gebrauchsgraphik 01/1975

International Journal for Visual Communication Design

Copertina di Michael Hasted.

Edito da Erhardt D.Stiebner.


pag.2 Alexandre Alexandre - Jean-Claude Chardonnet, Pop-Come-Back in publicity

pag.11 Franz Hermann Wills - Children\'s books from East and West Germany

pag.24 Charles Rohonyi - Jacques Richez, graphic design with photography from Belgium

pag.32 Katharina Berge - ’Nicolai Klemei iter subterraneum’, a stage-set made of figurines

pag.38 Peggy Lindner - Stephan Bundi, posters for the students\' Film Club of Bern

pag.44 Guillermo Gonzàles Ruiz - Information System for the Child Hospital of Buenos Aires

pag.49 Hans Gekeler/Günter Hugo Magnus - FHS Darmstadt, novum education

pag.57 Spanish Text

pag.75 Addresses

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