NOVUM Gebrauchsgraphik 11/1972

International Advertising Art

Copertina di Pierre Mendell.

Edito da Erhardt D.Stiebner.



pag.2 - Heinz Kröhl - Studio Mendell & Oberer, Munich 

pag.8 - Hans Kuh - TYPORAMA

pag.10 - Maria Martini - Rombola, Decorative and Satirical A Cartoonist from NewYork

pag.16 - Jan Berger - An Original Fair Stand at the MACROPAK \'72 in Utrecht, Netherlands

pag.20 - Franz Hermann Wills - The 4th International Poster Biennal, Warsaw 1972

pag.30 - J. J. de Lucio-Mayer - Perspectives of Photographics On the Photos by Arno Hammacher, Milan-London

pag.36 - red. - The Arrow as a Means of Visual Communication, Designs by Ota Yukio, Japan

pag.38 - Jacques Paul Dauriac - The Abstract Art of Patchwork Quilts

pag.44 - Armin Eichholz - Critical Signals 

pag.52 - Erich Pfeiffer-Belli - Xartwalls, The \"Artistically Papered Wall\" 

pag.57 - Spanish Text 

pag.84 - Addresses

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