NOVUM Gebrauchsgraphik 05/1972

International Advertising Art

Copertina di André François.

Edito da Erhardt D.Stiebner.



pag.2 - Hans Kuh - Results of the KODAK Colored Photo Calendar Competition 1972

pag.10 - Kurt Löb - Selling Art Like Margarine, On the Work of the Dutch Graphic Artist, Jan van Toorn

pag.20 - Alexandre Alexandre - André François, Paris, A Selection from his Latest Work

pag.28 - Franz Hermann Wills - Product Presentation on the North American Market, Prize Winners of the 1971 Competition of the Paperboard Packaging Council, Chicago

pag.40 - Jacques Paul Dauriac - Afro-American Wallpapers and Tapestries by Julian Tomchin, New York

pag.48 - Itu Tiarks - Richard H. O. Werckshagen ID Design Studios, Wiesbaden 

pag.54 - Walter Leonhard - Marks and Punches on Old Pewter-Ware 

pag.57 - Spanish Text

pag.63 - Art Exhibitions

pag.72 - Information, Reports,Reviews, Vacancies and Applications for Employment

pag.96 - Addresses

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