Gebrauchsgraphik 12/1970

International Advertising Art

Edito da Andreas M.Huck, Erhardt D.Stiebner, Chefredakteur Hans Kuh.


  • Pag.2-9 Klaus Stolte - Composition in Steel Exibhition Buildings by Otto Georg Liebsch
  • Pag.10-17 Horst Heiderhoff - Zdeněk Ziegler and his Poster Art, an industrial artist from Prague
  • Pag.18-31 Herbert W.Franke - Computergraphics, computer art
  • Pag.32-41 Raimondo Hrabak - The Studio G&R Associati, a team of young italian graphic
  • Pag.42-49 Franz Hermann Wills - The illustrator Eva Johanna Rubin
  • Pag.50-55 Erich Pfeiffer-Belli - Photographic inspirations, by Lothar Klimek
  • Pag.56 Theodor Hilten - Dynamic Design, one-way fair stand
  • Pag.57 - Spanish Text
  • Pag.84 - Addresses

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