Gebrauchsgraphik 11/1970

International Advertising Art

Edito da Andreas M.Huck, Erhardt D.Stiebner, Chefredakteur Hans Kuh.


  • Pag.2-9 Winfred Gaul - Traffic Signs and Signals
  • Pag.10-27 Hans Jürgen Spohn - III International Poster Biennal in Warsaw 70
  • Pag.28-33 Walter Plata - Udo Zisowsky, grafic design of great distinction
  • Pag.34-43 Franz Hermann Wills - Children\'s books from the GDR
  • Pag.44-49 Liselotte Hansmann - Scripts by English Calligraphers of the baroque
  • Pag.50-53 Hans Kuh - Beat Photos by Gebhardt+Lorenz
  • Pag.54-56 Herbert W.Kapitzki - \"Expap\", a new display system made of corrugated paper
  • Pag.57 - Spanish Text
  • Pag.90 - Addresses

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