Gebrauchsgraphik 09/1970

International Advertising Art

Copertina di Tadas Burba.

Edito da Andreas M.Huck, Erhardt D.Stiebner, Chefredakteur Hans Kuh.


  • Pag.2-5 Hans Kuh - Art Calendars 1971
  • Pag.6-17 H.P. Willberg - German Book Jackets, results of the contest of 1969/70
  • Pag.18-23 Franz Hermann Wills - Numbers and Figures, three graphic artists collected \" Lettered Signs in Berlin\'s Streets\"
  • Pag.24-29 J.J. de Lucio-Meyer - Jules Chéret and the Artistic Poster
  • Pag.30-35 Theodor Hilten - Industrial Advertisements, design by Leo Pulina
  • Pag.36-41 Ulrich Riemerschmidt - Gerhard Oberländer, illustrates Don Quixote
  • Pag.42-43 Horst Meineke - The New Trade-Mark of the Olympia-Werke
  • Pag.44-53 Alexandre Alexandre - The \"Studio 606\" in Paris
  • Pag.45-46 Walter Plata - Leaves, Horns and Calabasses, a signet contest in East Africa
  • Pag.57 - Spanish Text
  • Pag.92 - Addresses

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