Gebrauchsgraphik 02/1970

International Advertising Art

Edito da Andreas M.Huck, Erhardt D.Stiebner, Chefredakteur Hans Kuh.


  • Pag.2-9 J.J. de Lucio-Meyer - An Italian department-store advertises, \"The Palma d\'Oro for La Rinascente\"
  • Pag.10-15 Kurt Kranz - German Postage Stamps, the graphic problem en miniature
  • Pag.16-23 Gustave Barthel - Walter Brudi\'s artistic type-faces
  • Pag.24-31Alexandre Alexandre - Publicity Chourgnoz and Crédit Lyonnais
  • Pag.32-37 Armin Eichhoiz - Dracula and No End, drawings by Luis Murschetz
  • Pag.38-45 Walter Plata - Industrial Art by Herbert Titz
  • Pag.46-49 Hans Niedermeier - Official graphics from Napoleonic Era
  • Pag.50-51 Karl Oskar Blase - The New Signet of the \"Preussag\", results of a contest
  • Pag.52-56 Hans Kuh - Tomas Vellvé, Barcelona
  • Pag.57 - Spanish Text
  • Pag.78 - Addresses

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