Gebrauchsgraphik 02/1968

International Advertising Art

Edito da Eberhard Hölscher.


  • Pag.2 Eberhard Hölscher - «Cardmakers and Artists» A Glance at Bielefeld\'s Museum of Playing Cards
  • Pag.8 Adam Seide - Experiments with Posters by Rambow and Lienemeyer
  • Pag.16 Hans Redeker - Kurt Löb, a Dutch Illustrator
  • Pag.22 Raimondo Hrabak - Contardo, the Corporate Image of an Italian Industrial Enterprise
  • Pag.28 Alexj Kusák - Bohumil Štepán Caricatures and Collages
  • Pag.36 Franz Hermann Willis - Young Commercial Designers from Berlin
  • Pag.44 Eberhar Hölscher - Posters for Chicago A Publicity Campaign of the Container of America
  • Pag.52 Hans Kuh - Clichés, Ads by Eugene and Max Lez
  • Pag.57 Spanish Text
  • Pag.76 Addresses 


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