Gebrauchsgraphik 07/1969

International Advertising Art

Copertina di Kory & Schaal.
Edito da Eberhard Hölscher.


  • Pag.2-5 Eberhard Hölscher - Edition Olympia 1972 Poster Designs
  • Pag.6-13 Eberhard Hölscher - Swiss Posters at the Wailing Wall
  • Pag.14-25 Danuta Wróblewska - Books for Polish Children
  • Pag.26-31 Theodor Hilten - German Landscapes,Photos by Hans Meyer-Veden
  • Pag.32-39 Erich Pfeiffer-Belli - TV-Graphics, Designs by Pit Flick Old Godfather Letters
  • Pag.40-47 Hans Niedermeier - Old Godfather Letters
  • Pag.48-56 Has Kuh The Advertising of a Swiss Department-Store
  • Pag. 57 Spanish Text
  • Pag.74 Addresses 


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