Penrose annual 1977/78

Volume 70. The international review of the graphic arts

Editor: Clive Goodacre
Publisher: Stanley Greenwood
Art Editor: Michael Alkins
Group art director: Arnold Hooton


  • Biographical notes
  • The Penrose Survey
    (B. Bloomfield, M. Bruno, R. Yamamoto, E. Hoch, C. Goodacre) pp. 14
  • Penrose portrait: Mike Bruno
    (David Gandelman) pp. 31
  • The private press of Otto Rhose
    (Richard Brown) pp. 38
  • Magazine design in the seventies
    (Allen Hurlburt) pp. 51
  • The bird paintings of henry Jones
    (Colin Cohen) pp. 60
  • Photography‘s general practitioner
    (Mark Keighley) pp. 70
  • Self-adhesive lebelling- a study in application
    (Peter Stubbs) pp. 80
  • Labelling in the Land of Green Ginger
    (Eric Gibson) pp. 97
  • When no news is bad news
    (Caryl Holland) pp.105
  • Japanese posters at the Stedelijk
    (J. J. de Lucio-Meyer) pp. 113
  • Recreating the original
    (Alan Stephenson) pp. 121
  • Analysis of a paper campaign
    (Clive Goodacre) pp. 129
  • The gap in the assembly line
    (John Westwood) pp. 137
  • KC\'‘s camera-speed silverless film
    (Mike Bruno) pp. 142
  • Tone reproduction objectives in colour printing
    (Tony Johnson) pp. 151
  • Basil Harley and the Curwen Press
    (Basil Harley) pp. 157
  • A new technique for gravure etching
    (Bob Bradley) pp. 173
  • Felt-tip pen power
    (Michael Willard) pp. 181
  • Tailoring type to technology
    (John Latham) pp. 189
  • All the print that\'s fit for news
    (Harold Evand) pp. 199
  • Giving the design client something of his own
    (Geoffrey Bensusan) pp. 211
  • “No home without a stereoscope”
    (Michael Leitch) pp. 221
  • Can the designer draw his own profile?
    (John Dawson) pp. 233
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