Penrose annual 1976

Volume 69. The international review of the graphic arts

Produced by: Stanley Greenwood
Editex by: Clive Goodacre
Design by: Group Art Editor, Arnold E Hooton DesRCA, Michael Alkins Reg Carter


  • William Caxton-man of business and inspiration for today
    (james Moran) pp. 11
  • The Penrose Survey
    (M. Bruno, B. Barry, P. Radcliffe, R. Brewer, C. Holland) pp. 17
  • Tom Eckersley and the art of the poster
    (Rene Elvin) pp. 33
  • WHSmith-many faces but one image
    (Nick Jankins) pp. 45
  • Anson hosley, Photographer Extraordinaire
    (Michael Bruno) pp. 53
  • Newspaper and magazine design in Poland
    (Szymon Bojko) pp. 61 
  • Klett and the “new technology”
    (Brian Smith) pp. 70
  • A new hight speed digital colour scanner
    (Peter Pugsley) pp. 79
  • Reproducing the Kelmscot Chaucer
    (Peter Guy) pp. 87
  • The private press of Paul Piech
    (Kenneth Hardacre) pp. 98
  • Imaging science and engineering
    (Eiichi Inoue) pp. 113
  • Photosetting: Buyer kniw thyself
    (Robert Norton) pp. 119
  • Offset in Germany
    (Pincus Jaspert) pp. 129
  • The transformer
    (Michael Macdonald, Ross and Robert Waller) pp. 141
  • Water water everywhere
    (Chris Williams) pp. 153
  • The Gentleman touch
    (Mel Calman) pp. 157
  • Micropublishing-the new recruit to the media
    (Bernard Williams) pp. 169
  • The Letraset story
    (Anthony Wenman) pp. 173
  • A computer-based information service for the printing industry
    (yuri Gates) pp. 184
  • Old maps made new-Harry Margary‘s methods
    (Dennis edwards) pp. 188
  • AGI Canada
    (Graham Crabtree) pp. 202
  • The makink of the paper
    (Simon Barcham Green) pp. 215
  • W R Lethaby and the Revival of Printing
    (Godfrey Rubens) pp. 219
  • Editors‘s notes: Penrose text papers
    pp. 233
  • Advertisement
    pp. 241
  • Some biographical notes
    pp. 254

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