Penrose annual 1968

Volume 61. The international review of the graphic arts

Published by: Lund Humphries


  • The Penrose Survey
    (M. Bruno, R. Austin, A. Hutt, J. Moran) pp. 14
  • Geoffrey Ireland: poet with a camera
    (Aaron Scharf) pp. 29
  • Typographic design and the computer
    (Maurice Goldring) pp. 41
  • Designing Australia‘s decimal currency notes
    (Alistar Morrison) pp. 47
  • New notes, new techniques
    (M. F. W. Brown) pp. 58
  • Sabon: the first “harmonized type”
    (Jhon Dreyfus) pp. 63
  • Supergraphics
    (Ken Baynes, Ann Roberts, Steve Storr) pp. 76
  • Print for poor-vision readers
    (alison Shaw) pp. 92
  • Reform of the English writing-system
    (John Downing) pp. 102
  • Documentation, print and the relevance of hardware
    (Herbert Coblans) pp. 107
  • A general purpose type fount suitable for use with optical reading equipment
    (G. G. Scarrott) pp. 117
  • The role of dichromated colloids
    (W. B. Hislop) pp. 132
  • The change to metric measures
    (Lyndon B. Wainwright) pp. 139
  • Ink to mach the machine
    (F. W. Stoyle) pp. 150
  • Programmed monochrome reproduction
    (Clive Nash) pp. 159
    (Kenneth Hoare) pp. 176
  • New uses for stamping foils
    (H. L. Hunter) pp. 181
  • The editorial revolution
    (N. I. Korman) pp. 186
  • Advertising for a type foundry
    (J. J. de L. Meyer) pp. 198
  • Programmed learning in the printing industry
    (B. W. Blunden) pp. 209
  • The abstracting process and the British Museum Catalogue of Printing Books
    (John Commander) pp. 216
  • Electrophotography
    (G. R. Mott, S. F. Royka) pp. 224 
  • Photocopying and copyright
    (Ronald E. Barker) pp. 234
  • Types of the sixties
    (Kenneth Day) pp. 241
  • Harmonic system for computer-controlled  type-setting
    (Louis Rosenblum) pp. 257
  • Research on paper for printing
    (Michael H. Bruno) pp. 267
  • Advertisements

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