Penrose annual 1967

Volume 60. The international review of the graphic arts

Edited by: Herbert Spencer
Published by: Lund Humphries Publishers Limited


  • The Penrose Survey
    (M. Bruno, C. J. Duncan, A. Hutt, J. Moran, G. W. Ovink) pp. 17
  • Mirror in the printing art
    (W. B. Hislop) pp. 28
  • Baedeker‘s airborne offspring
    (Karl Dallas) pp. 33
  • Michelin maps and guides
    (Germano Faccetti) pp. 40
  • Sky-high house styles
    (Eckhard Naumann) pp. 53
  • Discover whit a camera
    (Jan van Keulen) pp. 63
  • The graphic arts in Yugoslavia
    (Vera Horvat-Pintaric) pp. 74
  • The newspaper in Britan today
    (James Moran) pp. 87
  • Can newspapers move from the Stone Age to the Space Age?
    (Clive Irving) pp. 106
  • Time.Life‘s vast venture in books
    (Edward A. Hamilton) pp. 119
  • International unification of typographic measurements
    (Ernest Hoch) pp. 123
  • Experiments underground
    (John Willett) pp. 136
  • Growing scope in stamp design
    (Bernard Orna) pp. 143
  • The pubblication of T. N. Foulis
    (John Russel Taylor) pp. 148
  • Where have all the flowers gone?
    (Herbert Jones) pp. 158
  • Dispaly composition on the Photo-Typositor
    (Kalus F. Schmidt) pp. 170
  • Electrostatic printing‘s year of progress
    (Samuel B. McFarlane) pp. 180
  • New scanners, old problems
    (E. R. Fisler) pp. 185
  • Faces without bodies
    (James Sutton) pp. 199
  • Changes in Chinese typography
    (Peter Mayer) pp. 207
  • Inkless proofs made from metal
    (Neil Maizner) pp. 220
  • Technology‘s paper eyes
    (Bryan H. Smith) pp. 222
  • Recent progress in flexographic tone and process printing
    (Douglas E. Tuttle) pp. 230
  • Gradar screen “The Times”
    (G. A. Smyth) pp. 238
  • Continuos-tone lithography
    (Robert J. Lefebvre) pp. 246
  • The role of hydraulics and pneumatics
    (M. A. Jeans) pp. 251
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