Penrose annual 1966

Volume 59. The international review of the graphic arts

Edited by: Herbert Spencer
Published by: Lund Humphries


  • Photography for print
    (Bob Brooks) pp. 16 
  • The lasting power of black-and-white
    (Eric de Maré) pp. 28
  • Are consumer magazines a “good buy”?
    (Ken Baynes) pp. 43
  • Japan-growing power in print
    (E. A. Possnecke) pp. 54
  • Printing for the arts
    (Bernh Baer) pp. 59
  • Need the craftsman feel frustrated
    (W. B. Hislop) pp. 94
  • The Asia Magazine
    (John Anstey) pp. 97
  • “Coloured hearing” and “number forms”
    (Barbara Duncum) pp. 109
  • Colour as a code for connotative communication
    (Percy H. Tannenbaum) pp. 115
  • The well-tempered colourchord
    (Benno Wissing) pp. 121
  • Instrumental colour control
    (J. M. Adams) pp. 125
  • Process in new colour process inks
    (Frank Preucil) pp. 131
  • Printing on a cast-coated surface
    (Bryan H. Smith) pp. 134
  • The use of colour coding in business systems
    (Daphne Rands) pp. 139
  • Electrostatic printing
    (Daniel Smith) pp. 143
  • A true electrostatic printing process
    (Clyde Childress) pp. 151
  • Typography in emergent Africa
    (Allen Hutt) pp. 157
  • The art school dilemma
    (James Holland) pp. 162
  • From basic to graphic design at Wuppertal
    (J. J. de L. Meyer) pp. 175 
  • Economics of colour printing and buying
    (Robert Austing) pp. 189
  • Photo-solubilization
    (J. F. Strange) pp. 197
  • Mechanics of adhesive binding
    (William O. Faxon, Robert E. Fogg) pp. 203
  • Graphic design in the Soviet Union
    (V. Lyakhov) pp. 210
  • Margins in the manuscript and printed book
    (F. W. Ratcliffe) pp. 217
  • A realistic approach to colour reproduction
    (F. R. Clapper, T. C. Montrois) pp. 235
  • Powderless etching of printing plates
    (Marvin C. Rogers) pp. 243  
  • Electrostaic colour-proofing process
    (Owen R. Cormack) pp. 251 
  • Advanced computer printing systems
    (John Duncan) pp. 254
  • The Penrose Survey
    (M. Bruno, J. Moran, G. W. Ovink) pp. 269
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