Penrose annual 1965

Volume 58. A review of the graphic arts

Edited by: Herbert Spencer
Published by: Visual Communication Books


  • Fashion in typography
    (Nicolete Gray) pp. 16
  • Closing the gap
    (James Elphick) pp. 37
  • Parkinson‘s lore
    (Frederick Barter) pp. 42
  • Poster design as a newspaper image-builder
    (Karl Dallas) pp. 62
  • Perfumed printing inks
    (A. H. Soane, A. Bernstein, P. F. Walker) pp. 80
  • The missing link
    (Germano Facetti) pp. 84
  • A decade of powderless ecthing
    (Eric A. Williams) pp. 101
  • Radio-isotopes in printing research
    (W. G. Busbridge) pp. 107
  • The presentation of a technicaò information
    (Peter Sieber) pp. 114
  • Communication - a key to progress
    (Peter Dingley) pp. 132
  • Kalvar dry process conversion
    (Richard C. Gearhart) pp. 137
  • The changing pattern of technical education for printing
    (T. C. Hart) pp. 140
  • The making of a designer
    (Christopher Bradshaw) pp. 147 
  • Photographic training for graphic designers
    (Julian Mathison) pp. 152
  • School magazines: the new image
    (Melville Hardiment) pp. 161 
  • Training by production
    (Henri Friedlaender) pp. 167
  • Words in colour
    (Caleb Gattegno) pp. 174
  • Training on the job
    (William Braasch) pp. 177
  • First principles first
    (Robert Ranc) pp. 181  
  • Keeping the craftsman un to date
    (Michael H. Bruno) pp. 185  
  • Easing the distortion dilemma
    (W. C. Ross) pp. 189  
  • Engineering research for the graphic arts
    (M. Graneek) pp. 193  
  • A revolution in 3D printing
    (Marvin C. Whatmore) pp. 199  
  • Type in art
    (Jasia Reichardt) pp. 205  
  • The quickest eye in research
    (J. A. Cairns) pp. 229  
  • Fine binding as a contemporary art
    (J. J. de L. Meyer) pp. 237  
  • Half-tones by letterset
    (Paul J. Hartsuch) pp. 249  
  • Printing with magnetic inks
    (L. E. Boxall) pp. 259
  • How strong to run the colour?
    (Frank Preucil) pp. 273  
  • Adhesives research for packaging
    (C. V. Hawkes) pp. 279  
  • Typography in Japan
    (Hisashi Furukawa) pp. 289  
  • The Penrose Survey
    (M. H. Bruno, W. Burtin, A. Hutt, J. Moran) pp. 297 
  • A well-justified postscript...
    (Stefan Themerson)
  • Advertisements

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