Penrose annual 1957

Volume 51. A review of the graphic arts

 General Articles:

  • Editorial Commentary
    (R. B. Hutchings.) pp. 1   
  • Alliance Graphique
    (Charles Rosner) pp. 13 
  • The Influence of Reproductive Techniques on Book Illustration
    (David Bland) pp. 16
  • Printers‘ Royal Arms, to 1956
    (Harry Carter) pp. 20
  • Archiectual Photography
    (Nikolaus Pevsner) pp. 25
  • The Graphic Art of Frank Brangwyn
    (James Laver, C.B.E.) pp. 28
  • Training for Photography
    (Ashley Havinden, O.B.E., R.D.I., F.S.I.A.) pp. 32
  • The Reproduction of Paintings in Colour
    (Geoffrey Ashburner, A.R.P.S.) pp. 35
  • David Kindersley‘s Contribution to Street Lttering
    (John Dreyfus) pp. 38
  • Old Types, New Layouts
    (Herbert Spencer, F.S.I.A.) pp. 42
  • The English Book
    (Alan Pryce-Jones) pp. 44
  • Decorated Papers
    (Olga Hirsch) pp. 48
  • Henry Cartier-Bresson; Notes on the Relation of Photography and Painting
    (Basil Taylor) pp. 54
  • The Canterbury Portent
    (Beatrice Warde) pp. 57
  • A Century for Puffin Picture Books
    (Noel Carrington) pp. 62
  • The Evolution of Klang
    (Will Carter) pp. 65
  • A Note on Oliver Simon
    (Herbert Simon) pp. 67
  • Printing and the Graphic Arts in Czechoslovakia
    (Method Kalab) pp. 71

Technical articles:

  • Research in Relation to Printing
    (Sir James Waterlow, Bart, M.B.E.) pp. 76
  • The Forces Involved in the Transfer of Printing Inks
    (Charles H. Borchers) pp. 80
  • The Present British Dow-etch Position
    (Peter Siviter Smith) pp. 84
  • Xerography and the IBM Electrostaic Card Printer
    (W. D. Bolton, W. E. Goetz) pp. 89
  • The Linofilm Phototypesetting System
    (Louis Rossetto) pp. 94
  • The Kodak Short-run Colour Process
    (M. Hepher, F.R.P.S.) pp. 102
  • Reciprocity Failure and the Exposure of “Lith” Type Films
    (Raymond Alfaya) pp. 108
  • A New Resist for Photo-engraving Metals
    (R. S. Cox, R. V. Cannon) pp. 112
  • The 3M Brand Make-ready Process
    (H. Hurmson) pp. 115
  • The Colour Klischograph
    (Rudolf Hell) pp. 117
  • Protype: a New System of Display Photo-composition
    (R. S. Hutchings) pp. 121
  • Ink Density Measurement and Colour Quality Control
    (Gordon Hallen) pp. 124
  • Correctone
    (Charles C. Ammonds) pp. 128
  • The New Alco-gravure Process
    (H. M. Cartwright) pp. 131
  • Recent Concepts in the Halftone Printing Process
    (F. R. Clapper) pp. 134
  • Exposure-development Relations in High-Contrast Films
    (F. J. Drago) pp. 139
  • Kemlectro Printing
    (J. S. Mertle) pp. 142
  • Light Sources for Colour Matching
    (E. E. Miles, B. Sc, D. C. Peach) pp. 145
  • Modern Arc-lamps for the Printing Industry
    (E. Rouse) pp. 150
  • Static Electricity
    (C. C. Mill, M. Sc.) pp. 153
  • Collimo I - A New Precision Press
    (R. M. P. Conrad) pp. 156
  • The First Photogravure Perfector Press
    (Otto M. Lilien) pp. 159
  • Cutting and Creasing Research
    (D. J. Hine, M. Sc.) pp. 161

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