Penrose annual 1955

Volume 49. A review of the graphic arts

 General Articles:

  • Editorial Commentary
    (R. B. Fishenden, O.B.E.) pp. 1   
  • The Marriage of Content and Forum
    (Richard Guyatt) pp. 17
  • Entente Cordiale
    (Charles Rosner) pp. 21
  • Claud Lovat Fraser
    (James Laver) pp. 25
  • Nineteenth-century Broadsheets
    (W. Turner Berry, George Buday, A.R.E.) pp. 28
  • Will Bradley
    (Paul A. Bennet) pp. 31
  • The Craft of Lettering
    (Arnold Bank) pp. 34
  • Why should Lettering Be neglected?
    (Walter Tracy, M.S.I.A.) pp. 38
  • Burin Engraving on Metal and Wood
    (John Batey, O.B.E., M.A.) pp. 45
  • British Transport Hotel Printing
    (Charles Batey, O.B.E., M.A.) pp.45
  • Book-production at Maidstone College of Art
    (Frank Jessup, M.A.) pp. 48
  • New Types from Klingspor and Bauer
    (John Dreyfus) pp. 51
  • Monotype Spectrum
    (Will Carter) pp. 54
  • A New Face for Newspaper Text
    (Allen Hutt) pp. 56
  • The importance of “Company Handwriting”
    (Ashley Havinden, O.B.E., R.D.I., F.S.I.A.) pp. 58
  • The Picture and Press Advertising
    (Frederick A. Horn) pp. 62
  • Art and Photography
    (Sir Kenneth Clark) pp. 65
  • Werner Bischof - A Personal Tribute
    (Charles Rosner) pp. 70
  • Fashion in Fashion Photography
    (John Parsons, F.S.I.A.) pp. 73
  • An Artist‘s Thoughts on Screen Printings
    (R. M. Lander, M.S.I.A.) pp. 76

Technical Articles:

  • The Uses of Flexichrome
    (George Ashton, A.R.P.S.) pp. 78
  • The RCA-Interchemical Colour Corrector
    (A. E. Ohler) pp. 80
  • The Belin System of Colour Correction
    (H. M. Cartwright, F.R.P.S) pp. 83
  • New Horizons for Printing Education
    (G. F. Smith) pp. 85
  • The Dow Method for Etching Magnesium
    (John A. Easley) pp. 78
  • The ANPA Modification of the Dow Process
    (C. M. Flint) pp. 91
  • An ink Distribution Meter
    (W. L. Rhodes, H. B. Archer) pp. 94
  • Production by Relief (Dry) Offset
    (E. W. Thomas) pp. 97
  • Electronics in the Printing Industry
    (R. L. B. Wall, BS.C) pp. 100
  • The Elgrama Scanner
    (R. Conrad, PH.D.) pp. 103
  • Lens Design and Straight Line Reversal
    (David J. Day, M.Sc., A.R.C.S., D.I.C.) pp.105
  • Sensitometry of Continuous-tone Xerography
    (W. E. Bixby) pp. 108
  • An Introduction to Linofilm
    (Jackson Burke) pp. 110
  • Paper Absorbency and Printability
    (R. R. Coupe, A. H. Smith, B. Sc.) pp. 111
  • The Non-metal Collobloc Halftone Process
    (C. C. Ammonds, B.Sc.-LOND-, A.R.I.C., A.R.P.S.) pp. 114
  • Photo-resists
    (J. S. Mertle, F.R.P.S., F.P.S.A., S.P.E.) pp. 118
  • Reversed Stencils Based on Diazo Compounda
    (M. Hepher, F.R.P.S.) pp. 122
  • A study of the Sensitivity of Carbon Tissue
    (Dr H. J. A. De Goeit) pp. 125
  • Aqua-trol Damping Control in Lithography
    (Warren Childers) pp. 128
  • Short-wavw Light in the Albumin Process
    (J. Kennet Creber) pp. 129

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