Penrose annual 1954

Volume XLVIII. A review of the graphic arts

 General Articles:

  • Editorial Commentary
    (R. B. Fishenden) pp. 1   
  • “By Command of The Queen...”
    (Sir Francis Meynell, R. D. I.) pp. 19
  • The Maturing Taste of the Mid-century
    (Paul Reilly) pp. 24
  • Design in Dutch Printing
    (Dick Dooijes, G.K.P.) pp. 28
  • Pocket-books on the Continent
    (H. Strehler) pp. 32
  • George Macy and The Limited Edition Club
    (Beatrice Warde) pp. 35
  • Sir Emery Walker 1851-1933
    (Noel Rooke) pp. 40
  • French Typefounders and French Type Design
    (Charles Rosner) pp. 44
  • Spectrum: Designed by J. van Krimpen
    (John Dreyfus) pp. 47
  • A Trio of Mast-heads
    (Robert Harling) pp. 54
  • Typographical Libraries and St Bride
    (Ellic Howe) pp. 58
  • The School of Graphic Desegn at the R.C.A.
    (Stuart Rose, M.S.I.A) pp. 60
  • Training in Typographic Design
    (Charles L. Pickering) pp. 64
  • An Opportunity for Penmen
    (Will Carter) pp. 68
  • Three Thousand Years of Advertising
    (Georg Ohlson) pp. 71
  • Unconventional Illustration in LIne
    (Charles Mozley) pp. 75
  • Engraving, Photography, and Plastic
    (S. L. Hartz) pp. 77
  • The Coronation Stamps
    (Misha Black, O.B.E., F.S.I.A) pp. 80
  • The Colour-photographer as Artist
    (Eric Newton) pp. 83 
  • Colour Photography in Journalism
    (Michael Middleton) pp. 86

Technical Articles:

  • Colour Reproduction and the Cinema
    (George Ashtone) pp. 89
  • Screen Negatives Without a Screen
    (J. A. C. Yule, R. E. Maurer) pp. 93
  • Ferromagnetography
    (J. P. Hanna) pp. 96
  • Developments in Xerography
    (R. M. Schaffert, PH.D., M.A., A.D.) pp. 99
  • The klischograph Engraving Machine
    (Rudolf Hell, DR.-ING) pp. 101
  • The Monophoto Machine
    (E. Silcock) pp. 104
  • Teletypesetter for Book Work
    (Jackson Burke) pp. 106
  • Thoughts on Pre-make-ready
    (D. Hopewell) pp. 109
  • “Acid” Papers and Ink Drying
    (R. R. Coupe, B.Sc) pp. 113
  • Dry Offset
    (C. M. Flint) pp. 116
  • Ungrained Metal Plates for Lithography
    (M. H. Bruno) pp. 120
  • Phosphorus-Nickel Alloys for Lithography
    (R. A. C. Adams, B.Sc., A.R.I.C.) pp. 124
  • Photographic Colour Proving
    (J. S. Mertle, F.R.P.S., F.P.S.A.) pp. 127
  • Colour Masking and Removing Under-colour
    (Frank H. Smith, F.R.P.S) pp. 131
  • Letterpress Halftone Gradation and Resolution
    (H. M. Cartwright, F.R.P.S.) pp. 135
  • An Improved Photo-mechanical Resist
    (M. Hepher, E.E. Loening) pp. 139
  • A British Magnesium Alloy
    (R. S. Cox, F.R.P.S., R. V. Cannon) pp. 142
  • Printing Electrical Circuits
    (Dr Paul Eisler) pp. 145
  • Investigations relating to Gravure Etchings
    (James M. Dugan) pp. 147
  • Progress in Aniline Printing
    (J. Ingram) pp. 151

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