Penrose annual 1956

Volume 50. A review of the graphic arts

 General Articles:

  • Editorial Commentary
    (R. B. Fishenden. O.B.E) pp. 1   
  • Picture-printing and Word-printing
    (Stanley Morison) pp. 21
  • The Graphic Design of William Nicholson
    (Lynton Lamb) pp. 27
  • Harold Curwen
    (Christian Barman) pp. 31
  • The Book Illustration of E. McKnight kauffer
    (Desmond Flower) pp. 35
  • Art is Indivisible
    (Charles Rosner) pp. 41
  • American Graphic Design
    (Peter Selz, Robert Kostka, B.S., M.S.) pp. 45
  • New Light on Typographic Legibility
    (Beatrice Warde) pp. 51
  • Post Office Printing
    (Misha Black, O.B.E, P.S.I.A) pp. 56
  • The Picture on the Pack
    (Alec Davis) pp. 60
  • Lettering and the Advertising Message
    (Frederick A. Horn) pp. 63
  • On the Teaching of Lettering
    (John Brinkley, HON.A.R.C.A., M.S.I.A) pp. 66
  • Back to Humanism in Type Design
    (G. W. Ovink) pp. 69
  • Fell Music Type
    (Harry Carter) pp. 73
  • Script into Type
    (John Dreyfus) pp. 75
  • Minerva
    (Vivian Ridler) pp. 78
  • New Type from Nebiolo
    (John Dreyfus) pp. 80
  • Chinese and Japanese Printing in England
    (B. Schindler, PH. D) pp. 82
  • Education and Design at IPEX
    (Charles L. Pickering) pp. 85
  • Thoughts on Colour Photography for Industry
    (Gilbert Cousland, F.R.P.S.) pp. 88

Technical articles:

  • Education for the Printing Industry
    (The Art Hon. Sir David Eccles, K.C.V.O., M.P.) pp. 91
  • Evolution of the process Camera
    (W. B. Hislop, F.R.P.S, F.R.S.E) pp. 94
  • Autoscreen halftones from Subjects in Relief
    (R. E. Maurer) pp. 97
  • Colour-Photogravure Technique
    (Emil Spuhler, Walter Guler) pp. 99
  • The McCorquodale-Gresham Process for Gravure
    (D. C. Gresham, F.R.P.S) pp. 102
  • New Thoughts on Halftone Colour Masking
    (F. Pollak, M. Hepher, F.R.P.S) pp. 106
  • H. P. K Autoscan
    (R. Kilminster) pp. 111
  • The Fairchild Scan-a-Sizer
    (S.W. Levine, PH.D, R. N. Hotchkiss, M.S) pp. 115
  • A Simplifield Posterizing Technique
    (J. A. C. Yule, R. E. Maurer) pp. 119
  • Photo-composition of Chinese Characters
    (Mokichi Ishii) pp. 121
  • The Colloplas Process
    (H. M. Cartwright, F.R.P.S) pp. 125
  • “Electrofax”-an Electro-photographic System
    (Meyer L. Sugarman, B.S., M.Sc.) pp. 128
  • Application of Xerography in Printing
    (G. R. Mott, PH. D., A.B.) pp. 133
  • Electroluminescence
    (N. H. Townend, B. Sc) pp. 137
  • Electro-Magnetic Future
    (J. S. Mertle, F.R.P.S, F.P.S.A, F.P.E.) pp. 140
  • British Standard Offset-lithographic Inks
    (D. A. Spencer, PH.D., HON.F.R.P.S) pp. 143
  • Fountain Solutions and Ink
    (W. H. Banks, PH.D) pp. 146
  • A New Approach to Paper Conditioning
    (W. H. Wass, M.B.E.) pp.149
  • Standardizing Bookbinding Materials
    (P. B. G. Upton, G. E. Busby) pp. 152


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