Penrose annual 1953

Volume 47. A review of the graphic arts

Progetto grafico di John Denison-Hunt M.S.I.A.

General Articles:

  • Editorial Commentary
    (R. B. Fishenden) pp. 1
  • The Return of Illustration
    (Christian Barman) pp. 15
  • Coronation Printing
    (Misha Black O.B.E, F.S.I.A) pp. 20
  • The House of Enschedé, Haarlem 1703-1952
    (J. Van Krimpen of Haarlem) pp. 24
  • Typography and Authorship
    (Brooke Crutchley M.A.) pp. 28
  • Press-book Production, 1945-52
    (Christopher Sandford M.A.) pp. 31
  • Reprints: Aldine and After
    (Hans Schmoller) pp. 35
  • Contemporary Graphic Art in Italy
    (Giulia Veronesi) pp. 39
  • The Pencil Draws a Vicious Circle
    (Beatrice Warde) pp. 43
  • The Arts Council and the Graphic Arts
    (Philip James C.B.E.) pp. 46
  • Art in the Teashops
    (Noel Carrington) pp. 50
  • Eric Gill‘s Pilgrim (né Bunyan) Type
    (Robert Harling) pp. 53
  • Printing for Commerce in the U.S.A
    (P.K. Thomajan) pp. 55
  • Graphic Design at the Central School
    (William Johnstone) pp. 58
  • In the case of Art v. Advertising: a summing-up
    (Milner Gray R.D.I, F.S.I.A, James de Holden Stone F.S.I.A) pp. 61
  • The Growth of Fashion illustration
    (Madge Gerland) pp. 65
  • The Growth of house Magazine
    (John W. Hazzlewood) pp. 67
  • Aspects of Present-day Photography
    (James de Holden Stone F.S.I.A) pp. 70
  • The scope of Scraperboard
    (C.W. Bacon M.S.I.A) pp. 74
  • A new approach to mechanical tints
    (Michael Rothenstein) pp. 77
  • Texture in halftone on Uncoated paper
    (James Shand) pp. 79

Technical Articles:

  • The Royal Photographic Society Centenary
    (J. Dudley Johnston O.B.E, HON.F.R.P.S) pp. 81
  • A Back Room View from PATRA
    (W. H. Banks PH., D. B.Sc) pp. 85
  • The Potentials of Letterpress Offset Printing
    (Charles W. Baker) pp. 88
  • The Intertype “Fotosetter” Machine
    (C. L. Boileau) pp. 91
  • Typewriter Type Composition
    (Charles W. Cousland B.COM, D.A.A) pp. 95
  • The Practice of Pre-Make-Ready
    (Robert Brown) pp. 97
  • The Primaton Overlay
    (R. Bottomley) pp. 100
  • Braille painting and the Periprinter
    (F. W. Mackenzie) pp.102    
  • The Colour Reproduction System of J. A. Ball
    (Frank Preucil, Robert M. Leekley) pp. 105
  • Methods of Colour Correction
    (H. M. Cartwright F.R.P.S) pp. 109
  • Multichrom Masking Demonstrations
    (Dr R. Conrad) pp. 112
  • Diffraction and Halftone Reproduction
    (V.G.W. Harrison PH. D, F.INST.P, A.R.P.S) pp. 113
  • A Comparison of Ruled and Vignetted Plates
    (M. Hepher) pp. 116
  • Presensitised Lithographic Printing Plates
    (J. S. Mertle F.R.P.S, F.P.S.A) pp. 118
  • The Spectral Sensitivity of Dichromated Albumin
    (Richard W. Koch, Robert E. Rossel) pp. 122
  • The Air Doctor Dampening System
    (William G. Mullen) pp. 126
  • A new Bi-metal Dampening Technique
    (A. C. B. Matthews D.I.C, M.I. Chem.E) pp. 129
  • Carlson-Eppler Vapour Blast Graining
    (Gus Carlson) pp. 131
  •  The Breakdown of Publishers‘ Bindings
(P. B. G Upton) pp. 133
  • The Roneo Electronic Stencil Machine
    (Dr R Lant) pp. 135
  •  Lamps and lighting Units for Colour Work

    (P. B. G Upton) pp. 137

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