Penrose annual 1952

Volume XLVI. A review of the graphic arts

Sovracoperta progettata da Edward Price,
progetto grafico di Edward Price A.R.C.A.

General Articles:

  • Editorial Review
    (R. B. Fishenden) pp. 1
  • The visual impact of the book
    (Alan Pryce-Jones) pp. 15
  • Reflections on the festival book exhibition
    (John Hadfield) pp. 19
  • The printed publicity of the Festival of Britain
    (Paul Reilly) pp. 23
  • Lettering and the festival on the south bank
    (Dr Nikolaus Pevsner) pp. 28
  • German type founders and German type design
    (James Shand) pp. 31
  • Punch cutter v. Pantograph
    (Herbert Spencer M.S.I.A) pp. 34
  • Typography and house style in industry
    (Alec Davis) pp. 36
  • Penguin books - Style and mass production
    (Lynton Lamb) pp. 39
  • Some Victoria illustrated music titles
    (A. Hyatt King M.A) pp. 43
  • Autolithography at the Royal College of Art
    (Edwin La Dell R.B.A. A.R.C.A) pp. 46
  • Designers for printing
    (William Stobbs M.A. M.S.I.A) pp. 49
  • The pubblication of the BBC
    (Douglas Cleverdon) pp. 52
  • A flourish of arts in advertising
    (Cecil D. Notley) pp. 56
  • A. C. C Hulton Scholarships for advertisement designers
    (Harry Jones A.I.P.A) pp. 60
  • Designing for fluorescent printing
    (Ashley Havinden O.B.E, R.D.I, F.S.I.A) pp. 63
  • A simple techniques in line and colour wash
    (Edward Ardizzone F.S.I.A) pp. 66
  • Wrapping papers: a new conception
    (Charles Rosner) pp. 68
  • Texture in Autolithography
    (T.E. Griffits F.S.I.A) pp. 71
  • Colour photograms
    (Geoffrey Ashburner A.R.P.S) pp. 72
  • Productivity teams - The Marshall plan in Action
    (L. E. Kenyon A.C.A) pp. 74
  • The McCorquodale-Gresham process
    (D.C. Gresham F.R.P.S) pp. 77
  • The RCA- Interchemical all electronic colour correction system
    (Harold E. Haynes B.S) pp. 83
  • AGFA Color negative-positive process
    (Dennis Holt) pp. 87
  • Tone and colour correction by masking in photogravure
    (M. Hepher and J. Lee) pp. 90 
  • Colour masking in projection
    (H.M. Cartwright F.R.P.S) pp. 93
  • A new colur masking techniques
    (Frank H. Smith F.R.P.S) pp. 97
  • Pre-Press System
    (H. Strehler, W. S. Tripp) pp.100
  • Rubber and thermoplastic printing plates
    (R. G. W. Croney B.Sc, A. Inst.P) pp. 104
  • The fairchild Scan-a-Graver
    (C. A. Harrison) pp. 107
  • Magazine and news production by pffset and new high speeds
    (T. W. Brown) pp. 108
  • Letterpress offset from thin plates
    (N. E. Funk) pp. 111
  • Justowriter - The Galvin type
    (Robert Galvin) pp. 115 
  • Thecnical features of the Higonnet-Moyroud photocomposing machine
    (Dr Samuel H. Caldwell) pp. 119
  • Monophoto machine
    (E. Silcock) pp. 124
  • Experimental low-cost, short run colour printing
    (Walter Clark, PH.D, F.R.P.S) pp. 125
  • Small-scale newspaper production from ektalith plates
    (David M. Cumming) pp. 128
  • Lufaco steel-nickel relief plates
    (R. B. Fishenden) pp. 130
  • The Kodalith plate
    (M. Hepher) pp. 131
  • Controlled etching of zinc with nitric acid
    (Dr Donald J. Byers) pp. 133
  • Deterioration of bichromated colloid solution
    (R.A.C. Adams B.Sc, A.R.I.C) pp. 135
  • Intaglio halftone
    (J. S. Mertle F.R.P.S, F.P.S.A) pp. 138
  • A Layman examines tungsten lighting
    (R. F. G. Holmness B.Sc, A.R.I.C) pp. 142
  • Fluorescent printing inks
    (K. J. Reed A.R.C.S, D.I.C, PH.D) pp. 146

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