Penrose annual 1951

Volume 45. A review of the graphic arts

Sovracoperta progettata da Herbert Spencer e frontespizio “Colour Derivation” di Janette Klute, Eastman Kodak Company.

General Articles:

  • Editorial Review
    (R. B. Fishenden) pp. 1
  • Books for exhibitions
    (Harry Carter) pp. 13
  • Black and White-Smith: W.A. Dwiggins
    (Jackson Burke) pp. 17
  • An Appraisement of Swiss printing
    (Willy Rotzler) pp. 20
  • Booksellers & stationer‘s trade cards of eighteenth century
    (Sir Ambrose Heal) pp. 29
  • Advertising films intelligently
    (John Piper) pp. 33
  • Artist and fa shon editor
    (Audrey Withers) pp. 35
  • Decline of art in advertising?
    (J.R.M. Brumwell) pp. 38
  • Impressions of the typesetting industry in America
    (Beatrice Warde) pp. 42
  • The exhibition of design in business printing
    (C. W. Cousland) pp. 45
  • Design in publishers‘ bindings
    (Ian Parsons) pp. 48
  • The America Institute og Graphic Arts
    (Peter Beilenson) pp. 51
  • The Society of Industrial Artists
    (James de Holden Stone, F.I.S.A.) pp. 55
  • The pubblication of UNESCO
    (Henri Steiner) pp. 58
  • Projecting the Festival of Britain
    (Paul Wright) pp. 60
  • The official catalogues of the Great Exhibition of 1951
    (Charles Hasler, M.S.I.A) pp. 63
  • Mid-nineteenth-century colour printing
    (Charles Hasler, M.S.I.A) pp. 66
  • Printing at the turn of the century
    (Ralph C. Hazell) pp. 69
  • Some aspect of colour in photography
    (Frank Ormrod) pp. 71
  • The illustrations for “Forsyte Saga”
    (Antony Gross) pp. 74
  • The Herkomer lithographic technique and applications
    (T. E. Griffits) pp. 77
  • Co-operative industrial research
    (Sir Ben Lockspeiser, K.C.B, F.R.S) pp. 79
  • “Derivations” from colour photographs
    (Ralph M. Evans) pp. 81
  • The Ektacolor process
    (W. A. Reedy) pp. 84
  • Colour masking and tone correction in four-colour offset work
    (M. Hepher and J. Lee) pp. 86
  • Co-ordinated production and research at Time Incoporated
    (B. D. Chapman) pp. 89
  • The Time-Springdale colour scanner
    (Nathaniel Bishop) pp.92
  • The Higonnet-Moyroud Photographic Type Composing Machine
    (W. W. Garth) pp. 95
  • The Fairchild lithotype
    (Fairchild Camera & Instrument Corporation) pp. 98
  • Justowriter progress
    (Frank De Witt) pp. 100
  • The Fairchild Photo-Electric Engraver
    (C. A. Harrison) pp. 104
  • Studies in letterpress printing
    (R. G. W. Croney, B. Sc, A. Inst. P.) pp. 106
  • Ink coverage and the duct
    (R. F. Bowles, Ph. D., F.R.I.C.) pp.108
  • Som printing defect investigated by PATRA
    (F. B. Meech, B. Sc, A.R.I.C) pp.112
  • Photographic transmission densitometry
    (H. M. Cartwright, F.R.P.S) pp. 114
  • British darkroom cameras
    (D. C. Gresham, F.R.P.S) pp. 118
  • Collodion emulsion and new techniques
    (Frank H. Smith, F.R.P.S) pp. 121
  • Electrolytic etching of copper
    (Luther E. Vaaler) pp. 124
  • Mounting blocks true to point
    (Lous Flader) pp. 127
  • The development of PVA plastic offset plates
    (Robert J. Lefebvre, B. -Chem-, S.P.E) pp. 129
  • The Ektalith plastic litho plate
    (Walter Clark) pp. 132
  • Lithographic plates by xerography
    (L. E. Walkup, B. S.) pp. 134
  • Offset duplication without dampers
    (C. H. Van Dusen, Jr, A. B) pp. 136
  • The Aulgraph I.P.I Tri-Metal Lithographic Plate
    (H. A. Idle) pp. 138
  • The decay of books
    (Dorothy M. Evans, B. Sc) pp. 139

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