A graphic guide to Veloxes and other prints for pasteup

Manuale tecnico di grafica sulla stampa e i fotomontaggi, realizzato dalla Graphic Process Company di Los Angeles nel 1977.


  • Preface, pag. 3
  • What’s a Copy?, pag. 4-5
    Trasmission Copy, Reflection Copy, Keyline Art, Combination Art, Camera-ready Art
  • The Artist’s Solid, pag. 6
    Type, Pen & Ink, Dry Brush, Charcoal, Crayon, Scratchboard, Shadind Sheets
  • ...Is the printer’s Line, pag. 7
  • Pasteup Prints — Line, pag. 8
    Stats, Photomechanical Transfers, Line Veloxes
  • The Artist’s Tones, pag. 9
    Photographs, Wash Drawings, Watercolors, Oils, Pastels
  • ...Are the Printer’s Halftones, pag. 10-11
  • Halftone Screens, 65 line to 133 line, pag. 12-13
  • Pasteup Prints — Regular Halftones, pag. 14-15-16-17
    Square Finish, Differences in Contrast, Surprint, Reverse
  • Tone Values — chart of screen tints from 10% to 90%, pag. 18-19
  • Pasteup Prints — Special Halftones, pag. 20-21-22-23
    Outline, Highlight, Dropout, Vignette
  • Pasteup Prints — Combination Line and Halftone, pag. 24-25
  • Special Effects, pag. 26-27
    Mezzotint, Straight Line, Wavy Line, Cross Line, Bullseye, Steel Engraving, etc.
  • Other Special Prints, pag. 28-29
    Posterization, Ghosted Prints, Contact Prints, Continuous Tone Prints, Position Prints, Bluelines, Brownlines, Color Keys
  • Special Problems, pag. 30-31-32
    Rescreening, Plugging, Large Solids, Salt and Pepper, Flopping, Overlays, Size Changes, Positives and Negatives
  • Ordering Prints, pag. 33-34
    Price Lists, Types of Prints Required, Number and Size of Prints, Ganging
  • Glossary, pag. 35-36-37

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