Penrose annual 1978/79

Volume 71. The international review of the graphic arts

Editor: Clive Goodacre
Publisher: Stanley Greenwood
Art Editor: Michael Alkins
Group art director: Arnold Hooton


  • Biographical notes
  • The Penrose Survey
    (P. Jaspert, M. Bruno, H. Henrion, G. Withers, C. Goodacre) pp. 13
  • The mysterie of playing
    (Bob Bloomfield) pp. 32
  • Penrose profile: James Moran
    (Roy Brewer) pp. 51
  • Five centuries of the OUP
    (Richard Russel) pp. 57
  • From the grass roots, Givanni Caselli
    (richard Souper) pp. 73
  • Typographic treasures at St Bride‘s
    (james Mosley) pp. 85
  • The photopolymer challenge in flexo
    (Nicholas Lister Moore) pp. 99
  • A Typographer‘s lament
    (Fernand Baudin) pp. 105
  • A business in futures
    (Tony Shaw) pp. 111
  • The Scolary facsimile
    (Gerry Withers) pp. 121
  • Gwasg Gregynog lives
    (MIke Hutchins) pp. 136
  • Breaking the mind-forged manacles
    (Robin Bath) pp. 148
  • Longo, the stone age maniac in the house of electronics
    (Bob Bradley) pp. 154
  • Printing in India
    (Bob Durrant) pp. 160
  • Whatever happened to electron curing?
    (Jason Weisman & Ted Tripp) pp. 171
  • The ink jet set
    (Graeme Minto) pp. 177
  • Olaf Leu: “A Reinassance man among designers”
    (Uwe-Jens Philipp) pp. 193
  • Tin printing progress
    (Elizabeth Park) pp. 205
  • Frank Preucil - Star gazer, violinist, colour expert
    (Michael Bruno) pp. 218
  • Keeping the presses in condition
    (Richard Brown) pp. 224
  • Image of a shop
    (Roy Brewer) pp. 233
  • Ilte-Italy‘s gravure giant
    (Clive Goodacre) pp. 241
  • Inplant expertise
    (Eric Fordham) pp. 257
  • Advertisement
    pp. 264

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