Penrose annual 1922

Volume XXIV. The process year book

The text:

  • Aerial Photography
    (Joseph Edge) pp. 25
  • Airbrush and Lithography
    (Victor A. Ireland) pp. 45
  • Drying of printing Inks, The
    (W. Ilston Cox) pp. 61
  • Drying Printed Matter by Electricity
    (S. Hudson) pp. 79
  • Engraving an Embossing Die from Photographs
    (The Editor) pp. 55
  • Fashion Journals - Old and New
    (Leo Hagedoorn) pp. 33
  • High-light Negatives from Pencil Drawing
    (J. Gill) pp. 23
  • Industrial Reserch
    (W. J. Smith) pp. 37
  • Lithotex Jobs
    (Frederick T. Corkett, F.R.P.S.) pp. 57
  • Method of Improving Reproduction
    by the Three Colour Process, A
    (A. E. Bawtree, F.R.P.S., F.P.S.L) pp. 30
  • Mounting: A Standardized Operation
    (R. B. Fishenden, M. S. Tech) pp. 66
  • Munsell Colour System
    (The Editor) pp. 76
  • “New Method” Embossing, The
    (T. C. Eamer) pp. 39
  • New Method of Making Colour Prints, A
    (The Editor) pp. 39
  • New Three-Colour Camera, A
    (W. Penrose Gamble) pp. 87
  • Print Society, The
    (M.F. Whittington) pp. 49
  • Printers\' Metals
    (A. H. Mundey) pp. 41
  • Progressive Process Lithography
    (Joseph Goodman, F.R.P.S) pp. 81
  • Review of Process Worck, A
    (The Editor) pp. 1
  • Revolution in Contents Posters
    pp. 89
  • Screen Separation
    (Ralph Grenel) pp. 65
  • Stock Tints: Why not use them more?
    (Chas. E. Dawson) pp. 63
  • Tests of Acid Restrainers in Iron Developer for Wet Plates
    (C. J. Killen, U.S.A.) pp. 52
  • Theoretical Overlaying
    (H. Duncan Keats) pp. 73
  • Work of the Private Printing Presses, The
    (Chas. T. Jacobi) pp. 17



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