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Top symbols & trademarks of the world

Franco Maria Ricci and Corinna Ferrari

Progetto grafico di Franco Maria Ricci.

  1. United States (part one)
    introductions by George Nelson, Burton Kramer
  2. United States (part two) + Canada
  3. Japan, Spain, Latin America
    introductions by Juan Perucho, Décio Pignatari
  4. Great Britain, Ireland, Benelux
    introductions by  Colin Forbes, Pieter Brattinga
  5. France, Italy
    introductions by François Barré, Vittorio Gregotti
  6. Switzerland, West Germany, Austria.
    introductions by Hans Neuburg, Jupp Ernst
  7. Scandinavia, Socialist Countries
    introductions by Martin Gavler, Stane Bernik, Grega Košak
  8. Annual 1977
    introductions by Tomás Maldonado
  9. Annual 1978
    introductions by Gillo Dorfles
  10. Annual 1979/80
    introductions by Vittorio Sgarbi
  11. Annual 1981/82
    introductions by Corinna Ferrari

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