Gebrauchsgraphik 08/1966

International Advertising Art

Copertina di Rómulo Macció.
Edito da Eberhard Hölscher.


  • Pag.2 Eberhard Hölscher - A Selection of the Best German Posters 1956/66
  • Pag.16 Ludwig Ebenhöh - The Fourth Contest of the German Packaging Industry
  • Pag.20 Theodor Hilten - ”Mondadori per Voi” Ingo Mojen of an Italian House Organ 
  • Pag.24 Hans Kuh - An Exhibition of Graphic Commercial Artist in Bremen
  • Pag.46 Chista Pieske - The Popular Quod libet A Potpourri from the 18 th cent. 
  • Pag.52 Carl Heuβner - The 4 th Rizzoli Advertisement Competition
  • Pag.57 - Spanish text
  • Pag.76 - Addresses

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