Albert Camus

Albert Camus - Exile and the Kingdom

Award the Nibel Prize for Literature in 1957 - A new work of fiction
Traslated by Justin O’Brien

The hero of this book extraordinary intensity is moder man himself. All through it one voice–the voice of Camus, convincing us once again that he is the conscience of our troubled epoch. Here, in some of the finest pages he has ever written, a wife betrays her husband, leaving his bed to give herself to the desert night; a trusting schoolteacher, who might be any one of us, learns that the freedom not to choose imposes a tragic penalty; in a satiric fable, a carefree artist is caught between society’s values and the pursuit of his solitary star; and a French engineer purifies himself through an act of brotherhood in the Brazilian jungle.

Sovraccoperta di Paul Rand.

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18 January 2021


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